What's in my bag?

 On the very beginning I must admit that this is not my everyday use bag. Almost every day I am on university from about 8 am to 5 pm. It is a long time so besides many notebooks, books, I also bring with me tones of food in plastics containers and simply I wouldn’t be able to fit everything into this bag pack.

This gorgeous bag pack is my go to when I want to go for a shopping, day trip on a bike, travel around the city or for a days when I can go on university just for few hours.

 So, the bag pack is from limited edition from Zara. I must admit that I was afraid of ordering it online, because I thought it is too small for me. Needlessly I worried. The size (and quality!) is perfect and I can fit in everything what I need. 

Starting from the very small pocket at the front. I keep there my ipod, pendrive, lipbalm and some tissues. Basically the staff I may need a quick access to. Just above this pocket there is another one with metal gold zip.  But at this day I didn’t have anything there.

 This bagpack has two main pockets. In first I always keep big cosmetic bag (with hand cream, plasters, wet tissues etc.), smaller sachet with phone charger, keys, portable charger. And a pair of sunglasses. The one You can see comes from a website: dresslink, and this pair you can find here

In the second main pocket I had a book I am currently reading (Dmitry Glukhovsky Futu.re), notebook, pencil case and wallet. In this pocket there is also another smaller zip pocket and two open ones for phone or cards. Inside the bag is linen while the outside is made from polyester. The quality is amazing, and the pattern is breathtaking. This is definitely one of my favourite expressive piece. 

What do You keep in Your bag?


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  1. I love love the bag! xo


  2. Love this post! It inspired me to organize my bag a little bit better !

  3. A to może pomóc w utrzymaniu porządku w naszych stylowych torebkach :)