I'm back.

Dear beloved,
I am so sorry that I was gone for almost three months. So much happened, so much pain, happiness. I’ve missed writing and sharing with you some of my feelings. I’ve missed you so much that I am sitting right now almost crying from happiness that I am finally writing! Finally typing words, f i n a l l y. 

Without further do, here is what had happened in short. In June I had exams, final exams of my first year. I passed everything! It was extremely hard for me, tears were almost everyday. I was competing with myself and my mum (she was studying exactly the same faculty as me many years ago and I wanted to be as good as she was). But I did it. I manage to end one year, I am just about to begin the next year. Ready and excited for some new obstacles.

Day after my last exam (when I still had no idea either I passed or not, and if I should take some books with me to review) I flew to England to London to start a new chapter in my life called: work. I was a hostess in the lounge at the airport. I worked hard to earn some money. I felt lonely and tired (after entire year of studying). I was lucky enough to live with my cousin and her lovely husband so on some weekends we were traveling and visiting some new places. This way I saw more of the England that I’ve ever had before.

At the beginning of September my mum flew to me and we both went on some small holiday to rest and relax. We decided (well, I decided and she agreed) to drive down from London and see some seashore nature. We saw my deeply in heart loved village West Lulworth where you can make few steps to Durdle Door and be amazed. We had fantastic time after this long not-see-time. 
And today is my first proper day when I am back. Back and ready. So stay in! And wait for my next post when I’am gonna write about what I’ve learned for the past three months (and I’ve learned a lot, about myself, multiculture, racism, friendship, bureaucracy, real life, emotions and so much more!)



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