Bridget Jones and I.

It’s not even Valentines time when I am writing a post about „love” again. In my last post, like this one, I wrote that I can’t wait until Bridget Jones’s Baby will be on the screen. Well, it’s good month after I’ve watched it for the hm, let’s think, third time? (first with my cousin and her mom, second with one best friend, third with another, as we couldn’t go together for one show). I must admit that I am completely and deeply in love with this movie. It satisfied all my needs. It made me laugh, it made me cry, made me want to fight for my love, made me want (even more) to have a baby. This movie gave me a good emotional kick. That was what I needed. 

So here are my resolutions that I made after it (gosh, its not even a new year and I am already doing some resolutions!). Firstly, and what’s the most important, I promise myself that I will never ever forget about myself. I will never let my brain to have an eclipse and that I will change my character to obtain something (or someone, for example my own Mr Darcy). I am not perfect. I have millions of imperfections (inside and outside), but that’s what make me so special. So, firstly me, later the entire world. It also reminds me the beautiful poem by William Shakespeare, about love that should not change and should not alter but just be. Otherwise it’s not love, same is with people, if we change ourselves into something we don’t recognise anymore we’re not ourselves.

„Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove” *

Secondly, I will finally stop counting how old I am and how little time I have to create a perfect relationship and make a baby before I will expire. Nowadays, when women can finally study and do careers, the age that they have their first baby is pretty late. But I don’t care. I firstly must be sure that He is „this one” and then (after I graduate, got my job) I will think about babies. Stop pushing mum! I will give you a grandchild one day! Bridget gave a birth being 43, I promise you mom that I will try faster. 

Thirdly, if it goes about my career (Bridget finally achieved something big, so I also can), I promise to trust myself and do what I decide to do. Since I’ve started studying I have an idea for myself. It’s probably a little bit to idealist and crazy, but it’s my life and I want to make my own mistakes and then learn on them. So my third and almost last resolution is to never forget about my desires, if it goes about my private love life or public work life. I will at least try to achieve my dream job. 

And last resolution is to write more about what happened to me on a basic day. I must admit that my memory is pretty, well, bad. I don’t remember what I ate last week on Sunday roast. I promise myself, can someone be a witness?, that I will document most of my everyday experiences, that give me a pleasure, so I can treasure them more. 

Wow, pretty nice and deep resolutions after just watching movie. Haha, I feel that I should go more often to cinema. But seriously, let me know what is happening right now in your life!

Love, Liliann

*Wiliam Shakespeare Sonnet 116



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  1. I've never really watched the Bridget Jones movies though I LOVE your points here "So, firstly me, later the entire world" YES!!! Your second point YES too, recently I've been thinking about how at 23 I've never had a serious relationship though I'm along the lines of when it's meant to happen it will... It's been highly important for me to be single and to learn and grow for myself and by self and as hard as that has been at times I wouldn't trade that for the world. At this stage of my life I feel like I also need to do some more work on myself before I'll be ready and I also know that I don't want to jump into any relationship... I know certain things I want and certain things I don't.

    Falling in love scares me for many reasons like fear of losing myself in a relationship and being hurt. Depending on the person I think it could take some time for me to let someone close to me like that. I'm also excited to see who I end up dating and experiencing all the magic of that person and the relationship and also all the things you learn about someone else and yourself through the highs and lows.

    Yo go girl! Gosh I just love you Liliann and I'm so sorry I haven't popped on to your blog sooner! <3 xoxo