Fall accessories.

I like to change things, and I like to change my jewellery and accessories (besides earrings, I often forgot about them for months) with the season. For spring and summer I choose light, colourful pieces. For autumn, winter time I prefer some darker colours, thicker materials. When it’s hot everything is sticky, and I am dreaming about complete minimalism, one small light necklace. That’s why during winter time I have opportunity to have fun with layering, suede materials.  
Here is my list of my favourite accessories for the past month.

Campaign hat. Few years ago there was a big boom for Fedora hats. Slightly smaller and with dent on the top. Campaign is all rounded and bigger. I found mine in Tkmaxx. It’s in gorgeous dark green colour and around is small braided suede material piece that tops everything.

Chokers. Big 90s trend. And when then it was popular to wear plastic chokers, right now they can be made from all type of materials (and in all sizes). I like the one that are suede (or leather) with some small attachment like a gold coin, or metal clasps. But it don’t necessarily has to be from a shop. Just take a nice ribbon or a piece of longer material and wrap it around your neck/ wrist. And you’re already done and ready to go.

Watch. In many previous ootd you could see my brown leather watch from Michael Kors. This time I decided to invest in something more appropriate for winter time. This black, chic watch is from Daniel Wellington. I love leather, but I think I’m slightly tired of it. So I decided to try a watch with a NATO strap. It still looks elegant and simple. And the black clock face is something so new for me and so catchy that I am all for it. 

I like to have just few accessories, super simple and easy to wear.

What are your favourite accessories for this season?

Love, Liliann


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  1. I love all your accesories especially the watch!

    Please visit my Blog!


    Alessa Bernal.

  2. You seriously rock that hat!!! I love the chocker's, it's always interesting how trends come around hehe but that's when it's time to stock up on stuff!:p I'm not a huge jewellery wearer I like necklace's though and some nice ear jewellery and every now and then I will wear a bracelet. <3 xoxo