Fashion trends.

Fall/ Winter Trends!

Bell sleeves. I’m not really a big fan of jeans with wide leg. I just think it don’t suit me. But when I saw in a shops wide sleeves, in sweaters, blouses, shirts, dresses! I just had to try this. It makes you feel instantly trendy, even if You wear with it just plain jeans. It’s easy to wear (and warm! what is important during this time of the year!) and reminds me of 70s when everyone was fighting for a world without wars.

Shirt. Shirts were always treated as something for business woman or to an office. This approach is slightly changing. Now you can see women wearing shirts for a dates, shopping, girls night, school. They’re not boring anymore. No more of plain, crisp white shirt (that is fabulous but just to simple and to official!). Now you can find them in stripes, checked, with animal pattern, embroidered with flowers, looking like a pyjama and in every possible colour. 

Rider boot. I’m probably one of the biggest fan of adidas superstar. But being honest with you it was nice to hide them in a shoebox and wear something new. This pair of shoe is from APIA. They make me want to wear them all the time. They’re super light, extra warm, breathy (what is important, if you wear you’re shoes for more than few hours) and comfortable. Because they’re above the ankle I also don't have to think about dirty bottom of jeans, because they’re hidden. 

Statement coat. In a crazy colour, box shaped and oversized. The best with some chunky big scarf around your neck. This season (beside the fact that I’m still obsessed with military style coats) I am all for my favourite statement coat, that I can just sink in and somehow endure to the place I have to get to, during this terrible weather.

What are your favourite fashion trends?

Love, Liliann


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