Kylie Jenner vs K Lips?

Not so long ago, one company- Lovely, introduced to the market a new product called K Lips. Sounds familiar? Yes, this product is dramatically similar to Kylie Jenner Matte Lip Kit. Stay here to read a review which one is better!

Kylie Jenner product costs 29$ (+ shipping). Inside you receive liquid lipstick and liner in the same colour. The product itself is extremely thick. You only need a little bit and you should rather be careful about not putting to much of it. Many people claims that a trick to have the best look is to put two thin layers of product. It smell rather pleasantly than inversely. How long it stays? Well. In general I must admit that I am a lipstick eater and usually after few hours I have to reapply it. But because this lipstick dries on your lips, it stays on pretty long. I wore it for good hm, 5-7 hours and it was still on. It dries slowly, but when its done its not so easy to remove. The liner itself is a soft pencil, easy to use.

K Lips. Costs of this product are about 5$. You can buy it in store and don’t have to pay for shipping. Same as with Kylie product, you get lipstick and a liner. On a brush you get only a little of the product but it’s not unappealing. You just have to apply few layers of the product that dries extremely quickly. The liner, well, you have the feeling of something cheap. The wood that is around the liner is super sharp and like in typical cheap school pencils. But the products itself is not so bad. It stays on lips for a pretty long time. The only strange thing is that you are able to rub it off a little bit. It’s not that the product is not drying enough. The consistency of the product is just easier to rub off than in Kylie Jenner product. 

So which one is better? Well, they are comparable. The Kylie Jenner product stays on longer and it’s harder to remove. But, the price is not so amazing as with K Lips and makes me calm about the need to reapply few times in a day their product. Consistency of the products are comparable as well. The only big minus of K Lips are colours. There are only 5 colours (three pinks and two browns) when Kylie Jenner has 21. But if any of you feel like those 5 colours are enough for you, I think that K Lips is better alternative. 

For me the winner is K Lips. It’s easier available, cheaper and the quality is comparable to the Kylie one. Of course the big thanks goes to Kylie Jenner, because without her no-one would create alternatives to her products. 

Love,  Liliann

P.S Lovely also created alternative for Kylie glosses. 

P.S.S Would you like me to do the comparison of Urban Decay Naked pallet versus Wibo GoNude, which was created as an alternative for Urban Decay?


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  1. To be honest, I would be happy enough with the K lip kits!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. thanks for reading! You're right, very often instead of liking and enjoying just the idea of the product we overpay for a designer name. Have a nice day!