Letter to my younger self.

Dear Liliann,

In few days you gonna turn 21. You’re young and beautiful. You’re confidence with yourself is the highest it ever been, but it wasn’t like this in the past. 

If I could advise anything to you, it would be to stop worrying.
Stop worrying about your grades. It’s nothing! You can learn anything that you will decide to! Even if sometimes it will takes you ages, or you will have to repeat an exam, you can do this. Stop worrying what your parents will think about you, if you’re not become a doctor. You are going to study law! And maybe one day you will be a great, well known lawyer! 

Stop regretting that one of you’re BFF decided to not be one anymore and found someone other for your place. You will have so many other beautiful friends! That will help you so much to go through a hard time. During you're studies you will meet so many people, like never before, and you will finally have someone you can rely on! You will even make a friendship with a male, and prove that this type of relation is possible.

Stop thinking about the need to have a boyfriend! You did such a great decision saying „no” to many boys, that only wanted from you just one obvious thing. You will find love one day. And it gonna be exactly like you though. Hard, passionate. You’re smile will be on all the time.

Stop worrying about you're figure. You’re still not close to the size 0, but it’s not so bad. You’re wardrobe is full of nice dresses and you’re able to wear everyday a different one. You’re more feminine than some of the super slim girls. And you gonna love it. You will finally understand your body, how it works, how to take care of it. 

Stop worrying about your future and listening only to your parents opinions. You gonna burn yourself few times, it gonna hurt, but you will learn on your own mistakes. Convince them to your ideas. Convince them to horse riding, you gonna love it and it’s going to be your favourite sport! Convince them to take french lessons. This language is suppose to be language of love, try it! And then convince yourself and push yourself further! You hate german language in secondary school but being almost 21 you’re learning this language again and you're enjoying it! 

Stop thinking about what everyone else has and what you don’t. Being 21 you gonna have a MacBook pro, that you bought yourself after few months of hard work. But not your parents paid for it, YOU paid for it. You. You are able to achieve everything. You find a plan and then do it. And you can do same with everything. You won’t have to see a girl in a new dress and then go to dad and ask him for some money. You are earning money now, and you can buy yourself this dress you dreamed about. So don’t think what other have. Because they’re not gonna learn anything from the life if they're getting everything from their parents. You already know what hard work means. And you're so brave! 

I love you so much,

Your future self. 



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