The Baseballs concert.

Slightly more than a month ago I went on a concert of my favourite band. I didn’t want to write a memory note earlier because I knew that one of my friend was going on their concert later, so I didn’t want to spoil her the show. And it really was a show! 

I used to listen The Baseballs when I was much younger, probably like 13, and their career was at the beginning. I remember that my dream was to go on their concert. But as you can imagine, my parents wouldn’t let me go. They were making concerts mainly in their own country, Germany. They do covers of well known songs, but instead of singing it the same way as an author do, they sing it in a style of rockabilly and rock and roll so basically as Elvis Presley did!

And many years later, when I almost forgot about them, I found out that they have concert in my country, more, in my city! I had to go. Decision was made pretty quickly and I didn’t have time to even find someone to go with me. But beside the fact I went alone, I met there a group of amazing people and, had amazing fun! Concert was a real show. It was a Hit me Baby Tour (that still lasts so check if you're not on their list!).

 The connection between musicians and audience was really tense. You could really feel that they were there for us, fans. They were making great jokes, singing with the fans, wanting us to have fun. Picked a random girl so she could choose a song to sing. Later, after the show, (I still can’t believe this happened) I got autograph and was able to take photo with them! 

Uhhh, I am so sad that this is already past. I would love to go one more time for their concert. But this concert reminded me how fun it is to sing out loud and dance in a crowd. And I promised myself to check more often what is happening in my area to use all opportunities it can give to me! 

Love, Liliann

P.S. Have you been recently on any concerts?



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