Winter picnic!

There is nothing better in a winter time than a warm tea! But what if this warm tea would be outside (or inside, near a cosy fireplace) with your best friend/ love/ family member with the assist of cosy blanket, yummy snacks and a loud laugh? Thats what I had some time ago. Together with my lovely cousin (I miss you so much, Aga!) we created a perfect outside picnic. When we had it, it was slightly warmer, but you can put on yourself ten layers of blouses, sweaters, jackets and still be able to eat outside or just seat comfortable near a fireplace and pretend you’re the only one left  in a world and enjoy yourself! Here are few recipes you can use to prepare some snacks. 

Peach tea. All you need is some type of tea (we used black
Ceylon), and some sort of fruit (later we tried it with grapes, mint and lemon and it was same delicious). Cut your peach/pear/apple in pieces and pour over some hot water, add tea, some sugar/ honey and voile! Leave it for few minutes to brew and so the tea can reach some flavour from the fruit. 

Sandwich. This is lately my favourite recipe for a sandwich. It’s super simple, but so tasty (and at the same time healthy!) All you need is: two pieces of bread, honey, tofu, avocado and a pear. Blend your avocado with a spoon of honey and use it as a butter and spread on a bread (or if youre avocado is harder just cut it in pieces). Put some slices of tofu and pear and voile! You have something that is heart warming (or stomach warming) and at the same time still refreshing. 

Baguette. With knife try to cut it slightly (but not to the end, just incise it). Fill the space with cheese and herbs, we used parsley. Bake it in the oven for just few minutes, so the cheese will melt and baguette will become nice and crunchy. 

Dessert? What about quick muesli in a jar? Use whatever you have at home! It can be fruits, chocolate, muesli. Mix it all, put in a nice jar at you’re ready to go.

Bon Appetite! Enjoy cold weather!

Love, Liliann



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