3 Easy DIY Christmas Presents! (for late ones)

First one. You definitely baked something already for Christmas. And if not you, your mom, sis, grandma. Ask for few of cookies/ piece of cake, use some see through foil and wrap it nicely! It’s super last minute and really cheap idea, perfect for friends at school or in work. Let know everyone that you appreciate them! By giving some hand made cookies you’ll make them fell special!

If you have some time and few simple ingredients at home (like butter, white flour, icing sugar) use my recipe I showed on my blog this week. Here.

Second idea. Everyone loves chocolate! All you need for this idea is: spoon (or two), chocolate, foil, topping, ribbon. Melt chocolate and swirl your spoon in it. Put as much on it as possible. Sprinkle some lemon/orange zest, crushed m&ms or other topping. Let it cool for about 30 minutes and after that time just wrap it nicely! Tell gifted person to swirl this spoon in a hot milk. 

And last one, also connected with chocolate. All you need is: jar, chocolate drops (or powder), ribbon. Optionally: self adhesive chalkboard, chalk, small whisk. Put in a jar some chocolate drops and hide the cover under brown baking paper using elastic. To cover elastic use some ribbon. Optionally if you have time to find some cute small whisk you can add this inside the jar or hang it on the ribbon, just as I did. If you don't have self adhesive chalkboard, use any paper to stick to the jar and write some sentence. And again, tell gifted person to pour in some hot milk, whisk and it’s ready! 

Merry Christmas everyone!
Love you so much,


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