Dreamed place, dream or aim?

Dreamed place.

Probably everyone has a dreamed place. For some of you it might be a house next to your parents so that you can often visit each other and share your life together. For another person it can be a small tenement house in a lights of provence sky surrounded by purple heathers. For another a vast spaces somewhere in a north where you can find yourself sitting next to the fireplace. 

I found mine dreamed place. I was there when I was first time in this country. With my cousin and her husband we visited this small village and since I saw its beauty I couldn’t forget this place. Two years later I traveled there again, this time with my mom, to show her where I feel like at home. I showed her white rocks cliffs, juicy green grass, sheep quietly eating it. I showed her gulls and terns. Stone beaches. Roads without end. Sometimes rough sea. Sometimes smooth sheet of sea.

I am writing about this for myself and for you. To let us both understand that if we really want something we should do everything to achieve this. When I saw my dreamed place for the first time  I was afraid that I will never see it again. But few years later I did it. I I reached the goal. And if I did this twice, why not to do this third time? And this time to stay there for ever. We shouldn't be afraid to dream. And don't call it a dream (as something impossible to reach). Call it a plan. Call it an aim. This is my wish for my birthday. To achieve this aim and be happy.

Love, Liliann

P.S. What is your dreamed place?



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