Packaging Christmas presents!

I am this type of person that really cares about the packaging. It does not mean that I don’t care what is inside as the actual present or that I value more the packaging. But I really enjoy if someone spent slightly more time and also put some effort in how the present presents itself. That’s why I love Christmas time. My imagination finally has some place to display. Today I will show you my favourite tips on how to make your Christmas presents even more christmasy (without spending hundreds on pre-made ready packaging).

My favourite material is a grey paper. You can buy it in every craft store and its super cheap. This is the base for me. I like to start by wrapping my present in a simple paper and then get creative. 

Because I used the grey paper all of my accessories which are colourful will be more visible. 

To the accessories. Strings. Sometimes they can be extremely expensive!!! You can’t even imagine how much the simple string can cost. But, if you now where to look for them, you can buy them in a normal price. I found mine in a architectonic shop, you know, the one where you can buy concrete, ladder, climbing ropes. Hahaha. But its red and white lines just screamed Christmas to me and I am using it for a third year in a row now. Together to this I used a green embroidery floss to create a perfect holiday colour combination. 

Because you always need a tag, this year I decided to use a self-adhesive chalkboard. I found it in a local craft store for about a pound and cut it into a smaller pieces. Just stick it onto the present and write a name with a chalk. 

And voile! It’s ready. Hope you enjoyed this idea for packing presents!
Let me know how you pack your presents! 

Love, Liliann


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  1. so why not use satin ribbon instead. It's also a very good wrapping material.

    1. Yes, you're right . With packing presents it is all about imagination. ;) Have a nice day!