Vinyl love.

Music please!

Lately I let myself to spent some extra money and I bought something that I always dreamed about. Vinyl player. Since than I don’t remember when was the last time I listened something on YT or MP3 player. I love this crinkly repressed sound! Here are some bands that I am obsessed about for ages and had to got them on vinyl. 

The Platters. Everyone knows their songs but no-one recognise them with their band name. They were a pre-rock and roll band. Do you remember song called „Only you”? Yes! It’s theirs! My favourite song is this one

The Dubliners are Irish folk band founded in 1962. If you feel like listening some lively pieces this is perfect! I love every Irish composer (specially Glen Hansard, hoping to have his vinyl soon, listen this!) and their exotic accent. Try them out for example this one.

The Rolling Stones (don’t feel the need to introduce them). I used to be a big fan of rock music. Right now instead of preferring loud clamorous music I prefer their calm ballads (like this one). 

Love, Liliann

P.S What is your favourite music? Do you prefer CD or vinyl?



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