Sum up of 2016.

Number of lost pounds: 0
Number of gained pounds: 0.5 (but already bought gym card for two months)
Number of gained boyfriends: 0 (but also it is the same number of lost boyfriends)
Number of gained friends: 1
Number of lost friends: 1 (so the number is equal, not so bad)
Number of fights: lots
Number of apologies: lots (almost equal as fights, not so bad, that means I can say sorry after fight)
Number of wonderful holidays: 1 
Number of great opportunities: 1 (made collab with YesFashion)
Number of nights alone: 330 (!?, this must be changed)
Number of sleepless nights: 300 (on this I also must work)
Number of units of alcohol: small, acceptable 
Number of cigarettes: 0 
Number of hours spent on doing nothing: lots
Number of spent money: too much

2016 Was not so bad. It was another year with my friends gang at uni. Passed exams. Lots of work during weekends, giving private lessons as often as it was possible to earn for my studies. Lonely holiday at work in foreign country (but at least I earned first proper money). Later the greatest week in my life with my mom in my dreamed place. The best concert (The Baseballs), and a photo with the band. Monthly meetings with my friends to sum up every month and keep in touch. Some crazy trips to cities around mine. Lots of spending money on clothes (but at least my style is much better) and my money is maintaining world economy (what if I would stop buying stuff? Would market collapse?)

How was your 2016? Let me know!

Love, Liliann



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