Purple maxi dress ad

If you know me, and remember some of my previous posts, I love dresses. I just loooooove them. I always get so many complements when I wear one. I love jeans as well, but sadly (sadly, because I would love to wear mom jeans, or some other baggy pair) I don’t look so attractive in them. I have naturally wide hips and nothing to pretend- wide thighs. I feel like jeans just optically make me look even bigger. This time of the year, when the sun is shining longer and brighter, and I can finally wear more appropriate for spring dresses, I can’t find anything to wear in my wardrobe! As always I either destroyed some of my favourite dresses, borrowed and never get them back, or simply got bored with the one I already have. 

So, boring lessons + nice wether + the need to learn for exam = means, I spent my time surfing on online stores with the hope to find something nice, instead of learning. All me. 

Because in the next month I am going for two weddings (spring= love in the air) I was looking for dresses I can wear on this occasion, but also on everyday. I am not a big fun of „wear one time things”. Because on both weddings the theme is „purple” (you know: lavender, purple dresses of bridesmaids, purple heather) I tried to match in and searched for something nice, flowy and practical. 

Apparently, purple colour is a big trend. And you can find sooo easily gorgeous dresses. Here you have the example of purple maxi dresses and light purple dresses from the website Zaful. They are so beautiful! I would love to have all of them. But the one I liked the most is this one: dark purple dress. Gorgeous dress with cold shoulders and long tunic. I also like how the cleavage is made. It is slightly more open than usually, but at the same time not showing to much.

Because the dress is so long and I am pretty short, I think I would wear it with some heels to optically make me higher. But because the wedding is on the countryside, and it is so unpractical to wear heels to walk with them on grass, I think that better options are wedges, for example this pair. They are cream coloured with buckled strap. That means it holds your feet tightly and you can feel secured whilst looking spectacular. 

For accessories I think I would wear some more detailed bracelet, because the dress is pretty simple. Maybe some pearls, or gold chains

What would you wear for a wedding? Please let me know!! I still has some time to pick the right dress. 

Love, Liliann! 


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  1. This dress is really nice! I think I would wear some nice sandals and floral crown. Have a nice day!

    1. Floral crown is a great idea! Thank you! You too have a nice day!