Travel Diary- China.

Please forgive me that I was gone for few months. There are no excuses for me. I was just, well. I don’t really even know how this time since march passed. I was gadding about. Uni, home, work, some attempts to learn, some attempts to do something more in my life and.. voile. Few months are gone. But I promised myself I will try to be more consistent since now. And it’s not only about having posts on time (blogging for me is a big pleasure and forcing myself to do something would destroy it). It’s about being active in life. About living with the moment and having the most of it! It’s about changing roaming into the biggest adventure of my life! And I realised that exactly right now I have the chance to breathe with full chest! So, if you’re still with me, welcome again. And enjoy this post that will be about one of my adventures that I’m just experiencing.

Few weeks ago I got an unexpected invitation to visit China. Yes, you’ve heard right. CHINA. How could I resign and pass this without any emotions? I just had to accept and see this country. From two weeks I am travelling across this state. Beijing, Qingdao, Suzhou. And some more places are ahead. How I feel about this new culture? Well, it’s much different than European one. The food is stronger in taste and smell (beside the vegetable porridge that I tried here and it was sooo soothing in taste and for the stomach that I can understand why they eat this for breakfast).

This country is a mixture of news and antiquities. In one place you can see glass skyscraper and a public service worker that cleans the street with switches. They manually water the trees and grass as if the plants needed the company. And at the same time the underground connection is much better/ cheaper than in London. This combination is stunning. 

If you want to find out more about Chinese culture and my experience in China be ready for more post! 

Love You, Liliann

(P.S sorry for not the greatest quality of pictures, but I took them with my phone that is steaming all the time from temperature)  


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  1. The photos in this are amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much! Be sure to check my next post about Shanghai tomorrow. ;)