Travel Diary- Qingdao.

Have you ever dressed up and went for the party, and it turns out that no-one is there? And you wonder if you’re the first one or you messed the addresses. That’s how I felt when I was in Qingdao. The city of empty buildings and roads. 
But the proper start should be with the description of the road there. After we landed on airport, the trip to our hotel took about 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of driving through the loooong, enormous bridge across the sea. Can you imagine that Americans are so proud of theirs bridges over some canals and rivers? Well, I guess they’ve never seen this one. It was the longest way through the sea I’ve ever had. On left sea, on right sea, and sea in front of you. And you have no idea where they gonna take you. But finally we arrived and what I met there was pretty shocking. Everywhere high skyscrapers, perfectly built roads, even traffic lights. But, no people. Few hotel workers, public cleaning service, but that’s all. I guess the city was built first and maybe people will come later. 

However, closer to city centre, we were able to find some civilisation and even occupied buildings! I visited there few factories and  happily even some beaches. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best time to visit Golden Beach (most famous beach in Qingdao) because of heavy rains and storms. 

I must admit that I am not a big fun of high buildings (and by high I mean anything that has more than 5 floors). I am more of a cosy cottage person. That has maximum two floors and you can enjoy the view from the window on your garden or forest. However, because the city was sooo big (you could drive through it for more than 3 hours) I didn’t have the feeling of being trapped and anxiety stress from something much bigger than me. 

Some parts of the city are built in cooperation between China and Germany and sometimes you have the feeling that you’re gonna see behind the corner some cute wooden cottage like ones in Bavaria. I was only missing the Danube. 

Love, Liliann


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