Orange bathing suit.

It’s this time of the year when we all think about one: holiday. I agree with you. The idea of holiday, laying on the beach, sunbathing, not doing anything (maybe just reading few pages of some undemanding  book) is the only thought that still keeps me alive. Unfortunately until the end of July I can only dream about it. I am still in work, school. 

But that doesn't make me stop from planning some holiday trips. The only problem with beach holiday is that you have to wear a bikini or something skimpy enough that you can get some tan without stupid tan lines. I opened my wardrobe and had a proper look on my swimwear. And I found nothing. I realised I grew out of some, two years ago I destroyed one (on cliff rocks) and when I wanted to buy a new one last year I didn’t see the point because I spent all summer and even more on serving some drinks and food whilst working for airlines at the airport. So. I have one to small bathing suit, one without a metal wire (it was aching me, so I took off what was the perpetrator of redness on my skin) and one completely rubbed on the butt. Great collection. 

Am I ready to buy a new one? Should I buy high waisted set and feel comfortable about my not-so-flat stomach? All should I don’t care and just enjoy the sun in one of those string bikini swimwear? 

I looked on some in the internet and completely feel in love with how colourful and bright some of them are! Should we really match the right bikini to our body shape? Does the colour matter? I think yes. But being to much aware of our body and too much thinking about it can make everything even worse. 

I decided to get this year the most of the summer (or at least those few days on the beach) and try some crazy shapes and patterns! And so I wish to you. Let’s have fun with our one life! I will try not to notice what other people might think about me and my body. Who would care if we realise that probably we will never see each other again and those few hours on the beach is the closest we ever be? I will pretend I don’t have any neighbours on my piece of land on the beach and have fun.

Enjoy your summer and let me know what is your way to deal with body insecurity! 

Love, Liliann

P.S You can find these gorgeous bathing suits on this website or just visit ZAFUL website.


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