Last minute hot trends shopping! (Rosegal)

Even though in the shops we can already see new collections for autumn/ winter we should use this time to buy some hottest trends for this summer (which probably will be similar to the next one). Shops are still full of sales and now we can buy everything that wasn’t available for us because of the prices. 

source: August 2017 VOGUE

I am using this opportunity to buy few more pieces before my summer holiday, a week trip to the hot country, where I am gonna sunbathe all day!

Patterns and 80’s. Geometric patterns and simplicity is everywhere. My swimming suits were always super simple, and monochromatic. This season are popular swimming suits with geometric triangles (each in different colour) and the one that has high legs. But. I decided to omit this trends and choose something super colourful and crazy. Banana leafs? Yeees. Flowers? Sand and sea are already monochromatic, so we don’t have to be. 
Here you can find some interesting options: print bikini and in general in the shop: Rosegal

And of course accessories. Who does not need them? Hats, caps, bags? Yes, please. I still need to do some research but from what I found on this website I want all of them. 

Apparently fedoras and big hats are not any more popular but caps and old school hats are allowed. Maybe they’re right. Fedoras are (for me at least) so autumny. And simple cap reminds me my childhood, when my parents were insisting on me wearing them, to protect me from the sun. Now, we can find them in so many nice patterns, with stitches, stickers and garnitures. But if you still are a fun of classic big hat, go for it! I am all for the one with some wording on it.

source: August 2017 VOGUE 

And to take all the important staff (suncreams, books, food and other entertainment) you need the most fashionable bag - straw bag. Everyone is obsessed with straw and raffia bags, which you can use not only for the beach reasons but also use it for evening event and smarten it up with some heavier accessories. They can be small (as a clutch) or gigantic to fit in everything. They can have some ruffles, pom poms, be in a rounded, square, triangle shape. All we need to do is just use our imagination. 

 I have some special sale code for you for extra 10% off!!!! Use code RGEN! And have fun whilst shopping!

Love, Liliann


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  1. The pink hat.

  2. The rose cap and also the pink one I really like the look of! I hope your summer holiday is going well Liliann! :)