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Summer is on from a good month, but only from about a week I am free and ready to use it. Some of my friends laugh that even though I live near the sea (literally I have like 15 mins to it), I never go there. So, when the chance happened and the weather was pretty satisfying, I decided to try out my new swimming suit. I got it from ZAFUL and I must say I am nicely surprised. The material is strong and nicely made. You have the feeling that the quality of the product is high and it won’t get destroyed from salty water so easily. Its shape is maybe not perfect for sunbathing, but in my city the temperature is never so high to just sunbathe. You can find some similar bathing suits here.

Some of my other summer essentials are suncreams (preferably with tint, so I don’t need to wear makeup and even when the temperature is low I protect my skin with 50+), rose water (to refresh myself), some book (not demanding too much effort, with pictures) and something to drink (what is better than chocolate drink!?).

What are yours summer essentials? 
Love, Liliann!

swiming costume- ZAFUL, Rose Water- Beauté Marrakesh, suncream 50+ - Uriage/ BIODERMA, chocolate milk- Cocio, book- Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré


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  1. I love the swimsuit!!! I can't go out on the beach without sunscreen and glasses during summer. The sun is extra harsh in my country during those days.

    Lyka Chiang

    1. Thank you so much! I am soo jealous of the weather!
      xoxo Liliann